In Orna and Ella there are no secrets. For our best-selling book, all of the restaurant's recipes were adapted to the home kitchen, and every recipe combines tips gained during years of experience, and stories from day to day life in the restaurant kitchen. Detailed, precise and user-friendly recipes with spectacular photographs of the dishes, the stages of preparation and team work in the kitchen.

The book contains eight chapters:
- Appetizers and Soups
- Salads, pastries and breads
- Pasta, rice and couscous
- Main courses

- Cakes, cookies and desserts
- Breakfast
- Basic recipes

Orna and Ella; Recipe Book
Authors: Ella Shine, Orna Agmon, Einav Berman
Number of pages: 180
Publication date: March 2006
Price: 119 ₪
SKU: 674-18